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Let us tell you the reason why Saxa exists. When a company is established, we believe that it must have a big and right enough reason. Saxa is a Gift company, we have started it since 2010 and also asked ourselves, what the reason was and what Saxa would do for customers?

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Devotion to customer

We decide that Saxa will have to be a company knows how to bring happiness to customers. So, together we are building the company’s strong and kind culture values to first make every Saxa people happy. A company which is happy enough will have enough power to create happy projects for customers. Specifically, Saxa’s Studio non-profit project, free entry, named Story at Saxa. Let come over to Saxa Group Building, take free photoshoot and witness the Happiness values Saxa is creating.

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Saxa Business Gift Company – Specializing in logo printed gifts.

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Steve Jobs’s speech at Stanford University in 2005

Steve Jobs has been known via his incredible technology devices like Iphone or Ipad. He can be seen as a technology statue of the world. By look at these amazing products, we can find his passion and avid with his job. His famous saying “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” has become a motivation for young people to develop themselves. Jobs’s speech at Graduation Ceremony of Stanford university was to inspire the students. He was a silent man and almost never talked about his private life. And the speech could be the most open-minded talk in his life. Please press “Play” and listen to his share.

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